Martina Vejlupkova was born on October 10, 1982 in Znojmo (Czech Republic). She currently lives in the Moravian metropolis – the city of Brno.

She was acquainted with the photographs during her childhood because both her grandfathers took pictures with Flexaret with double-lens reflex cameras (from the Czech company Meopta). At the age of 10, she received her first camera – a 35mm film by Viliju, from her father. She fell in love with photography and remained in her heart to this day.

She has developed her artistic ambitions at primary art school, i.e. drawing, painting and ceramics. She graduated from art at secondary school. At this time, she was completely absorbed by modern painting trends such as Impressionism, Pointillism or Surrealism.

She did not stop taking photography even though her professional career followed a different path.
Part of her life, she helped socially disadvantaged people, worked in a business and marketing. During this time, she was acquainted not only with product and portrait photography, but also with the reportage photography, where she took pictures of sport events for healthy or handicapped athletes.

During her one-year studies at the Photogenia Institute and private lessons with photographer Gabriela Kolcavova, she had the opportunity to meet the world of old, noble techniques and other areas of photography.

She finally found her expression in artistic photography. She likes to alternate historical and contemporary levels. He wants to take the viewer into another world – color or black and white images. The viewer finds stories often associated with paradoxes of being, life or absurd humor.

Nowadays, the photography is available to public. However, it does not happen very often that photography will make you think, make you laugh, or remind you details from your past, that you will not want to forget. This is exactly how Martina is trying to distinguish her work from the work of other authors. She likes to create things that make us stop and take a moment of attention to the picture. She wants to pull a person out of his/her thoughts and take him/her somewhere else – to the different time and place.